Tom Wulf's Online Art Gallery

I am interested in art in a variety of media. Most recently this has added woodcarving to my passion for fiber arts. It is rather odd for me to think of myself as an artist, although I've always been motivated to craft things throughout my life to one degree or another.

Included here are images of some of the works that I have completed. Generally, my fiber art projects become gifts and pass away from me into the Cosmos, so I thought it might be interesting to create a sort of online portfolio or gallery of my work.

Because I have very long hair and a beard, I have a tendency to include a DNA signature in my fiber art work as stray hairs will become entangled into the yarns and become a part of the work. I rather like this concept and find it akin to older beliefs about sympathetic magic! (If you don't understand this, check out the film Like Water for Chocolate.) I hope to only imbue my art with positive energies. Some are focused with very specific intent.

Below is a directory of the works in this Gallery. You can stroll through the works in linear order, just as you would a physical gallery in a museum or you can access any particular work directly from the list below.

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