Astrophysics I (Physics 8025) and Intro. Astrophysics I (Physics 4025)



0-Introduction (pptx)


1-StellarBrightnesses (pptx)


2-Stellar Radii and Masses (pptx)


            Homework #1 docx  pdf


3-StellarSpectra (pptx)


4-Stellar Structure (pptx)


5-Star Formation (pptx)


            Homework #2 docx  pdf


6-Stellar Evolution-I (pptx)


7-Stellar Evolution-II (pptx)


            Exam 1 Review pdf


8-Introduction to the Interstellar Medium (pptx)


9-Thermal Equilibrium (pdf)


10-Emitted Spectrum (pdf)


            Homework #3  docx  pdf


11-Dust (pdf)


12-Molecules (pptx)


13-Misc ISM Topics (pdf)


            Homework #4 docx  pdf


            Exam 2 Review pdf


14-Stars, Gas, and Galaxies (pptx)


15-The Milky Way (pptx)


16-Galaxies (pptx)


17-Galaxy Evolution (pptx)


            Homework #5  docx  pdf


18-Structure of the Universe (pptx)


19-Radiative Processes (pdf)


20-Active Galaxies-I (pdf)


21-Active Galaxies-II (pdf)


22-Cosmology-I (pptx)


            Homework #6  docx pdf


23-Cosmology-II (pptx)


24-The Early Universe (pptx)


            Exam 3 Review  pdf


A Star is Born pdf