David B. Nash

Department of Geology

University of Cincinnati

(513) 556-2834


Watch What You Drink: Great Miami Water Observation Network


GIS in Geology

Earth I: Materials and Processes of Earth's Surface 15-GEOL-203

Processes of the Earth's Surface 15-GEOL-232

Geology for Engineers and Architects 15-GEOL-374

Geomorphic Processes 15-GEOL-504

Introduction to Ground-Water Modeling 15-GEOL-602

Wellhead Protection 15-040-601

Cincinnati Geomorphology

Google Earth Science (inspired by my late colleague, Prof. Kees DeJong's site)

A Simple Demonstration of Thermal Remote Sensing

LeCI WHP area delineation (note: this is a 30MB file, please right-click and download to your computer before opening).

Software - written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003

Useful GIS databases for the state of Ohio

Sharp MX 4101n