Favorite GIS Links for Ohio

The State of Ohio has done an excellent job of providing GIS datasets for the state online.  Given the effort and cost of doing so, why did they make it so difficult to find the appropriate URL's?  Well, in any case, here are some sites I have found particularly useful:

Click here to search for and download datasets for the entire state and for individual counties.

Click here for online maps and publications of ODNR Division of Water.

Click here for all the 1:24,000 dlg maps for the state.  They are in their original format not the asinine SDTS format that the USGS has now adopted.

Here are some scripts fro the ESRI avenue library that I have found particularly useful

asctoshp.ave an indispensable script to convert ascii x,y plot to a shapefile

batchproject.ave a very nice batch projection script

dlg21a.ave converts dlg files (in non-SDTS format) to shape files

gps2shp.ave imports points to shapefile

import711.ave converts ArcInfo coverages (E00) to ArcView shapefiles

USACE hydrology software (HEC, EL, etc.)


The US government has a great deal of data available use the following link to see what they have:

Seamless Data Distribution System Map Interface