Processes of the Earth's Surface


Winter Quarter, 1999

David Nash
603 Geology Physics Building
Office Hours MWF 2:30-3:30 and by appointment


January 19, 1999: Weather permitting, we'll take water level measurements at Reeve's Golf Course. If this is not possible, we'll look at flooding. Remember to do the assigned reading (B&C p. 348-391).

January 20, 1999: After discussion with class members we will not be having a quiz on the flooding reading. Despite the bad weather warnings, I'd still like to get out to field tomorrow. The golf course manager has informed me that it is quite wet so rubber boots would be a good idea.

January 21, 1999: It appears that conditions once again will cause us to postpone our field outing. Today we will do flood frequency analysis instead.

February 3, 1999: Well, I think we have no choice but to try to get into the field tomorrow (for the first time this quarter). The field area is still partially under water but the river level is falling... so, unless it rains (hard) be ready to go into the field. Wear rubber boots if you can get hold of a pair.

March 3, 1999: Tomorrow we'll go out and observe coring of the aquifer system near Lebanon Correctional Institute. If the weather is similar to today's, I can assure you that it will be extremely cold. The site is in the middle of a large field and the wind is very strong. Bring very warm clothes. I should also warn you that you're likely to get quite dirty and possibly wet (rubber boots are suggested) as well as cold. Don't forget that Laura is having the class over for dinner!

Groundwater exercise

Flooding exercise