March 15, 2009

RoseDiagram v 1.03

David Nash, Director

Fenneman-Rich Geomorphic Laboratories

Department of Geology

University of Cincinnati

     RoseDiagram is a very simple program to produce a rose diagram (radial histogram) from a set of azimuth data (degrees). The program is written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and requires .Net Framework 3.5.   This framework should be on up-to-date Vista installations but you may be prompted to install the framework on machines running XP or Vista systems not recently updated.  The program is intended as a simple means for previewing orientation frequency distribution data and preparing it for presentation with graphics programs such as Golden Software (e.g., Surfer and Grapher), ESRI (e.g., ArcGIS), and Microsoft Excel. Note if using more general, non-mapping graphics programs (e.g., Excel or Kaleidograph), the rose will appear distorted because these programs do not constrain the plot scale to be identical in both vertical and horizontal directions (the user will have to manipulate the plot to correct for this distortion). The program has minimal error checking so may “crash” when causing an error unanticipated by the writer. A minimalist approach has been taken with this program; input and output files are not used nor does the program attempt to produce publishable diagrams (although it does produce output to be used by other publishable programs). Input is by typing or, more efficiently, pasting azimuth data into the input text window. Output is by selecting and copying data from the output text windows (data are tab delimited) into graphics programs using Cartesian data.

   A zip file containing the latest version (1.03) of RoseDiagram (requiring .Net Framework 3.5) with the program, documentation, and sample data may be downloaded here.  Instructions (pdf) for running the program are available here

    Installation uses Microsoft's installer and is similar to most other Windows program installs (please note disclaimer).  RoseDiagram has been installed and run on both Windows XP and Vista machines.  .Net Framework 3.5 is necessary to run the RoseDiagram.  If the appropriate .Net Framework is not already installed on your machine, you will be prompted to install it (browser will appear to take you to update site).

    Please let me know,, if you discover errors or would like additional features added.

Legal Stuff

Everything is provided with the stipulation that the user assumes all risks associated with its use and, particularly if it works, the source of the program is cited.