Sigma Gamma Epsilon

History of SGE at The University of Cincinnati

Andrea J. Haas and Richard B. Schultz

The Compass (1989), vol. 67, No. 1, p. 1-7

While perusing through the dusty files, it was discovered that an illustrious history abounds for the Alpha Delta Chapter of SGE. The University of Cincinnati became a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon in 1932, but geological organizations existed previously. The first Geology Club was termed the "Bag and Hammer Club" and was formed in 1919 for men and women interested primarily in geology. Each spring, the club sponsored field trips in the Cincinnati area to examine the local geology. In 1932, a group of men organized the "Old Tech Society" with the purpose of "obtaining higher levels in scientific knowledge, especially in geology". The following year, members of the "Old Tech Society" realized the goals of the organization were being met, but a national affiliation could greatly enhance the organization. This led to the submission of a petition to Sigma Gamma Epsilon for membership. Robert Curry, the first Alpha Delta Chapter President, is said to have been elected to the position because he knew a printer that could print the petitions. The University of Cincinnati was formally accepted into Sigma Gamma Epsilon in 1932, and was the twenty-first chapter to be chartered. Dr. Nevin Fenneman was the first AIpha Delta Chapter faculty advisor.

The original SGE chapter members are show below in a photo taken on February 26, 1932.

Front row (L to R) John E. Burdsall, R.G. Grassy, Walter E. Dietrich, R. H. VanNortwick, Louis Desjardins, J. Walter Wyckoff.

Back row (L to R) Otto Gutenson, Willis G. Meyer, John F. Wissel, M. M. Popernik, Harold N. Fisk, Wilbur C. Holland, Adolph E. Sandberg, Robert Curry,  John P. Nolting,  John Patton, Richard A. Edwards , Donald J. Drake.

In the early 60s SGE members would get together and put on a skit at Christmas time, poking fun at all the faculty.  Some examples are posted below.