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How do eyes shape the evolution of signals?


Conflict & Cooperation

How do male ejaculates co-evolve with female reproductive physiology?


Colorful Choices

What maintains color polymorphisms?


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We are a team of biologists studying the evolution of sexual reproduction in insects and spiders. We love the big picture and the little details. We strive to test theory by understanding mechanism. Research themes include sexual selection, sexual conflict, co-evolutionary dynamics, and life history evolution.

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Deniz Korman

Ph.D. Student

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Current projects in the lab are focused on color use during courtship and foraging, co-evolution between visual systems and visual signals, and evolutionary dynamics between male seminal fluid proteins and the female reproductive tract. We are also committed to supporting science education and science literacy in Cincinnati and beyond, and have a number of ongoing projects with community partners.

Digestive Physiology of the Female Reproductive Tract

Solutions to Extreme Miniaturization of Visual Systems

Control of Alignment During Dynamic Signaling

Physical Basis of Jumping Spider Color Vision