Kondo-based Anyons for Topological Quantum Computation

Y. Komijani, Kondo-based qubits for topological quantum computation, ArXiv:1911.08329.

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  • We propose to use the non-abelian anyons of overscreened Kondo effect for topological quantum computation. The two channel Kondo fixed point has a decoupled Majorana fermion and the three channel Kondo fixed point has a decoupled Fibonacci anyon.
  • We suggest that a superconductivity pairing gap of smaller than Kondo temperature can be used to protect the anyons against local perturbations, isolate them from the continuum of gapless states and stablize the non-trivial fixed point against the coupling between other impurity spins.
  • We use dynamical large-N and bosonization to show that the residual entropy of multi-channel Kondo problem survives an induced superconducting gap, especially if the gap is due to inter-channel pairing.
  • Based on this observation, we propose a modification of the charge Kondo setup in order to isolate the Majoarana zero mode in the two-channel Kondo problem.