Joachim Brod

Assistant Professor of Physics

University of Cincinnati
Department of Physics
345 Clifton Ct
Cincinnati, OH 45221

phone: +1 513 556 0524


Joachim Brod is working in theoretical high-energy physics. His particular interests are flavor physics, dark matter, precision probes of new physics, and multiloop calculations using computer algebra.


Preprints of my publications can be found here.

Lectures at University of Cincinnati

Fall 2021 Intermediate Mechanics (PHYS3010/PHYS6053) Lecture notes: git pdf
Fall 2020 Quantum Field Theory I (PHYS8010) Lecture notes: git pdf
Fall 2019 Quantum Field Theory I (PHYS8010)
Spring 2019 Quantum Field Theory I (PHYS8010)

Lectures at TU Dortmund, Germany

Winter 2017 Einführung in die Elementarteilchentheorie
Summer 2017 Höhere Quantenmechanik
Winter 2016 Quantenfeldtheorie II
Summer 2016 Quantenfeldtheorie I
Some details, including problem sets, can be found here.


The schedule for our HEP/Astro seminars can be found here.

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