NSF REU Site: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust (RHEST)

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  • 12/2023: [RHEST 2023] Andrew Kosikowski receives student travel grant from NSF and presents his paper at ICMLA’23. Congrats to Andrew!

  • 09/2023: [RHEST 2023] One paper is accepted by REU Symposium’23 (part of IEEE ICMLA’23). Congrats to Andrew Kosikowski, Jun Cho, and Mabon Ninan!

  • 09/2023: [RHEST 2022] Logan Reichling receives student travel grant from SmartSP’23. Congrats to Logan!

  • 08/2023: [RHEST 2022] Logan Reichling joins the Ph.D. program at the University of Cincinnati.

  • 07/2023: [RHEST 2023] Guillermo Rached receives CyberCorps Scholarship For Services. Congrats to Guillermo!

  • 05/2023: [RHEST 2022] Channing Smith joins Northstar Travel Group as a cybersecurity intern for summer 2023. Congrats to Channing!

  • 05/2023: [RHEST 2022] Channing Smith receives Best in Computer Sceince Award from 2023 College of Charleston EXPO. Congrats to Channing!

  • 12/2022: [RHEST 2022] Logan Reichling receives NSF student travel grant from REU Symposium 2022. Congrats to Logan!

  • 11/2022: [RHEST 2022] One paper is accepted by REU Symposium’22. Congrats to Logan Reichling, Ikran Warsame, Shane Reilly, and Austen Brownfield!

  • 10/2022: [RHEST 2022] Ikran Warsame presents her RHEST 2022 research at reginal LSAMP conference in Columbus, OH.