1. CEAS article about my NSF CAREER Award

2. A article about our foraging-theoretic research in software engineering by Research Media

3. A community effort to transform information foraging theory to better tool development by Oregon State Univ., where our research contributes two patterns: Patch Profitability and Patch Prevalence

4. A general article about information foraging theory applied to human computer interaction by David Trepess

Xiaoyu Jin recently defended his Ph.D. dissertation successfully. The title of his dissertation is: A Social Information Foraging Approach to Improving End-User Developers' Productivity. Some of his publications on this topic are listed below.

5. Xiaoyu Jin, Nan Niu, and Michael Wagner, 'Facilitating End-User Developers by Estimating Time Cost of Foraging a Webpage', IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC 2017), Raleigh, NC, USA, October 11–14, 2017, pp. 31-35.

6. Xiaoyu Jin and Nan Niu, 'Short-Term Revisit during Programming Tasks', IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2017), Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 20-18, pp. 322-324.

7. Xiaoyu Jin, Nan Niu, and Michael Wagner, 'On the Impact of Social Network Information Diversity on End-User Programming Productivity: A Foraging-Theoretic Study', 8th International Workshop on Social Software Engineering (SSE 2016), Seattle, WA, USA, November 14, 2016, pp. 15-21.