Old Norse Software Projects

created by Tom Wulf

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This page has links to software that I have developed to help students learn to read Old Norse as well as some utility tool programs for working with Old Norse hypertexts. The first group of programs all use a data set of Norse vocabulary words from Valfel's Old Icelandic Grammar. The data set contains about 1200 Norse words.

The programs are provided free for non-comercial use, and should not be modified. In particular, do not remove my attribution as the author. While donations are welcome, they are not sought nor expected. (I do enjoy drinking the mead that I brew among other pastimes, so "money for honey" is appreciated!) However, what is really helpful for me is constructive feedback on the usefulness of these programs. I've been working on and off on this project for over a decade.

Feel free to mount any of these programs on your own Website. (I'd actually prefer that folks not use my site to play the various games.) The RSS feed can be used to keep track of updates to the site.

Hroptmađr 4.0 - Norse Hangman game
Android Version
HTML 5 Application - will play without an internet connection once your download it. I modified this Hangman game from a programming assignment from a class I taught that was submitted by Nick Kreimer many years ago. It uses the Old Norse vocabulary and is designed to reinforce vocabulary learning. The program is written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and should work in most browsers but may generate a security warning in IE if you have a strong security level set.
Volsung Saga - Match Game
I wrote this quiz program to display a multiple-choice closure question requiring the user to complete a line of text from the Volsung Saga. Again, this is an HTML5 application and will run offline once you download it. Eventually, I hope to have the Voldung Saga Text as an E-Saga Book as well.
Norse Vocabulary Interactive Flashcards 2.0
This full featured program provides drill and practice for the 1200 word Norse Vocabulary found in the Valfel's Old Icelandic Grammar text. I particularly like the automated mode (best used with Random and Auto-Reveal turned on.)
This is the first of my programs to be updated for HTML5! This Web App uses an technique called Application Caching. If your device supports it, it should prompt you to download a local copy of all the files that make up the app and then you should still be able to use the app without an internet connection.
Norse Language Quick Reference 3.0
I converted this file from the older Windows cardfile format to HTML5.I got the file from the Old Norse Net discussion list. It was originally developed by Marshal Bostwick of Purdue University. I've upgraded the interface to use JQuery Mobile. There is still some content editing to do.

Experimental Projects and Software Tools

E-Sagabok Project
This is my primary work: the creation of elaborate hypertext versions of the saga texts to support learning to read the Old Norse language. I plan to put several of the sameple presentation layout up for comment. This project uses XML and related technologies. I have a large number of software tools that I am using for it.
Af Uphading Konings Saga - E-Saga Book
Af Uphading Konings Saga - Match Game
This is the first prototype of the hypertext Fornaldur Saga E-Saga texts. The display and structure are mostly complete but the linguistic information especially the tagged parts of speach suffer from my own own level of Old Norse. This uses JQuery Mobile. The display allows the student to read the Old Norse, an intermediate translation ala Michael Barnes or a polished complete translation. Old Norse words are tagged with linguistic information. The match game uses the lines from the Af Uphading Kongings Saga for the closure exercise.