Probability Seminar at University of Cincinnati
Spring 2019

This semester, we are meeting on Mondays 3:35-4:30pm in the Seminar Room 4206 French Hall. Please email if you want to be added to our email list or have any questions.

  • Jan 14, organizational meeting.

  • Jan 21, MLK, no talk.

  • Jan 28, Wlodek Bryc, Singular values of large non-central random matrices.

  • Feb 4, Yizao Wang. Examples of random sup-measures.

  • Feb 11. Na Zhang, Limit theorems via martingale approximation.

  • Feb 18, Yu Gu, Carneige Mellon University. The Wong-Zakai theorem for stochastic heat equation.

  • Feb 25, Magda Peligrad. On spectral density of stationary processes.

  • Mar 4, Wlodek Bryc. On Matrix Ansatz for open ASEP in the singular case.

  • Mar 11, Jack Silverstein, NCSU. A Deterministic equivalent on the eigenvalues of large dimensional random matrices of Hadamard Type.

  • Mar 18, Spring break. No talk on Monday.

  • Mar 21, Thurs, 2-3pm, Ilya Molchanov, University of Bern, Switzerland, Random diagonal transformations of convex bodies.

  • Mar 25, Marcin Swieca. On Matrix Ansatz for open ASEP in the singular case: part II.

  • Apr 1, Robbie Buckingham. A representation of joint moments of CUE characteristic polynomials in terms of Painleve functions.

  • Apr 8, 227 WCharlton, Sid Resnick, Cornell University. Why model the growth of networks?

  • Apr 15, Seungki Kim. Shape of a random lattice.

  • Apr 17, 10:10-11:05am, 227 WCharlton, Michael Lavine, Army Research Office. Assessing procedures vs. assessing evidence.

  • Apr 22

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