Probability Seminar at University of Cincinnati
Spring 2018

This semester, we are meeting on Mondays 3:35-4:30pm in the Seminar Room 4206 French Hall. Please email if you want to be added to our email list or have any questions.

  • Jan 8, organizational meeting.

  • Jan 15, MLK, no seminar.

  • Jan 22, Robbie Buckingham. Asymptotic analysis of a deformed Tracy-Widom distribution.

  • Jan 29, Ju-Yi Yen. Peacocks with fractional Brownian motion.

  • Feb 5, Mei Yin, University of Denver. Structure and dynamics of weighted exponential random graphs.

  • Feb 12, Na Zhang. On the orthonormal approximation for random fields.

  • Feb 19, Taft Lecture, 4-5pm, 800 Swift Hall., Craig Tracy, UC Davis. Beyond the bell-shaped curve: a new universal law.

  • Feb 20, Colloquium, 4-5pm, 135 WCharlton. , Craig Tracy, UC Davis. The asymmetric simple exclusion process.

  • Feb 26, Lucas Reding, University of Rouen. Central limit theorems: Lindeberg's method and Jakubowski's conditioning principle.

  • Mar 1, Thurs, Colloquium, 135 WCharlton, Samy Tindel, Purdue University. Introduction to rough paths techniques and applications.

  • Mar 5, Joseph Najnudel. On computations of joint moments of the Brownian motion.

  • Mar 12, Spring break, no seminar.

  • Mar 19, Wlodek Bryc. Fluctuations of random Motzkin paths.

  • Mar 26, Magda Peligrad. Quenched invariance principles for orthomartingales.

  • Apr 2, May-Ru Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan. On generalized Eggenberger-Polya urn models.

  • Apr 9, Zuopeng Fu. Limit theorems for Karlin model.

  • Apr 16, Pierre Patie, Cornell University. Quantization of some (non-)reversible Markov processes.

  • Apr 27, Fri, Yunpeng Zhao, George Mason University. Structure Inference from Grouped Data.

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