Prof. Hans-Peter Wagner

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Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics | Holographic Imaging | Organic Films | Metal/Organic Waveguides | Organic/Metal/Semiconductor Nanowires | Whispering gallery modes
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Research Funding

External Awarded Grants


1. Wagner, H. P. (PI), and Duscher, G. (co-PI), National Science Foundation grant DMR-2004768, 7/2020 6/2023, Project title: Exciton-plasmon states in nano-morphologically controlled semiconductor nanowires: From weak coupling to quantum entanglement.

2. Wagner, H. P., (PI), National Science Foundation grant DMR-0305076, 7/2003 6/2007, Project title: Electron-LO-Phonon Quantum Kinetics in wide-gap II-VI Nanostructures with Strong Confinement.

Internal Awarded Funding


1. University Research Council (URC) Summer Fellowship in 2018, Project title: Exploring Plasmonic Semiconductor Nanowire Laser Arrays.

2. University Research Council (URC) Summer Fellowship in 2014, Project title: Exciton Dynamics brings light into plasmonic nanowire heterostructure.

3. University Research Council (URC) Summer Fellowship in 2007, Project title: Time and Depth-Resolved Optical Coherent Imaging: A New 3D View into Dynamical Processes.

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