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Prof. Hans-Peter Wagner

Hans-Peter Wagner

Room 447, Geology/Physics Building
Tel: (513)-556-0540
Fax: (513)-556-3425

Dr. rer, nat. habil., University of Regensburg, 1997

Currently supervised PhD Students

Matthew Larson photo a

Matthew Larson: Organic molecular beam epitaxy, Coherent and incoherent exciton dynamics in semiconductor nanowires decorated with gold nanoparticles and organic spacer layers, strong coupling in plasmonic metal/organic/semiconductor nanowires.
Email: larsonmw(at)

Navoda J.jpg

Navoda Jayawardana: Lasing of single nanowires on iron substrate under the influence of an external magnetic field, Lasing in 2D photonic SAE nanowire photonic crystal (PhC) arrays, electronically pumped nanowire PhC lasing.
Email: jayawand(at)

Samia Alyami

Samia Alyami: Exciton dynamics in bare and gold-decorated WS2 and MoSe2 2D materials, heterodyne four-wave mixing, strong coupling in plasmonic metal/organic/semiconductor nanowires.
Email: alyamiss(at)

Former PhD Students

I supervised four (4) PhD theses while I had a C1 Professor position at the University of Regensburg and C2 and C3 Professor positions at the Technical University in Chemnitz:

Dr. Alexandra Schätz
Thesis Title: Wechselwirkung und Dephasierung von Exzitonen in II-VI Quantentrogstrukturen (1998)
Current Occupation: SAP, München

Dr. Michael Kühnelt
Thesis Title: Zweiphotonenprozesse in Planaren Wellenleitern aus II-VI Halbleiterschichten (1999)
Current Occupation: Osram, Regensburg

Dr. Hans-Peter Tranitz
Thesis Title: Vier- und Multiwellenmischen an II-VI Halbleiternanostrukturen (2001)
Current Occupation: Continental, Regensburg

Dr. Andrei Kobitski
Thesis Title: Time-Resolved Photoluminescence and Theoretical Study of Excitons in PTCDA (2003)
Current Occupation: Karlruhe Intitute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe

Thirteen (13) Ph.D. students under my supervision graduated from my laboratories at UC:

Dr. Ajith de Silva
Thesis Title: Optical Properties of Organic Nanostructures Grown by Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy (2006)
Current Occupation: Assistant Professor at the University of West Georgia, GA

Dr. Suvranta Tripathy
Thesis Title: Dephasing of Excitons and Phase Coherent Photorefractivity in ZnSe Quantum Wells (2006)
Current Occupation: Assist. Prof. at the Univ. of Michigan, Dearborn, MI

Dr. Pradeep Bajracharya
Thesis Title: Relaxation Dynamics and Decoherence of Excitons in II-VI Semiconductor Nanostructures (2007)
Current Occupation: Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA

Dr. Venkat Gangilenka Rao
Thesis Title: Optical Properties of Organic Films and Waveguides Fabricated by OMBD: Importance of Intermolecular Interactions (2008)
Current Occupation: Engineering Manager, Intel, Portland, OR

Dr. Amin Kabir
Thesis Title: Phase Coherent Photorefractive Effect in II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Wells and its Application for Optical Coherence Imaging (2010)
Current Occupation: Assistant Professor at the University of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas

Dr. Milhan Ajward
Thesis Title: Linear and non-linear optical properties of OMBD grown PTCDA and Alq3 films (2012)
Current Occupation: Senior Lecturer at the Dept. of Engineering Technology , University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Dr. Amit Dongol
Thesis Title: Carrier Dynamics and Application of the Phase Coherent Photorefractive Effect in ZnSe Quantum Wells (2014)
Current Occupation: Adj. Assoc. Prof. at Austin Community College, Austin, TX

Dr. Niranjala Wickremasinghe
Thesis Title: Optical properties of organic films, multilayers and plasmonic metal-organic waveguides fabricated by organic molecular beam deposition (2015)
Current Occupation: Lecturer at the Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL

Dr. Masoud Kaveh
Thesis Title: Emission and dynamics of charge carriers in uncoated and organic/metal coated semiconductor nanowires (2016)
Current Occupation: Assist. Prof. at the James Madison Univ., Harrisonburg, VA

Dr. Jonathan Thompson
Thesis Title: Dynamics of singlet excitons in Alq3 and magnetic mode switching in index matched organic waveguides (2018)
Current Occupation: Scientist, Azimuth Corporation, Beavercreek, OH

Dr. Fatemeh Mohammadi
Thesis Title: Photon emission and lasing in bare and hybrid plasmonic semiconductor nanowires and nanorods (2018)
Current Occupation: Opical Engineer at KLA in Milpitas, CA

Dr. Cia-Wei Tu
Thesis Title: Reflective Properties and Lasing of InP Photonic Crystals and Frequency Doubling in GaMnN Thin Films (2021)
Current Occupation: Visiting Scholar, Department of Physics at the University of Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Gyanan Aman
Thesis Title: Ultra-compact lasers based on GaAs nanowires for photonic integrated circuits (2022)
Current Occupation: Optical Engineer at intel, Rio Rancho, NM


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