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German links

Aktion Deutsch Online - An online bank of vocabulary and grammar exercises activities. Covers all topics from introducing yourself to expressing your wishes, from gender of nouns to the subjunctive.

LEO German-English Dictionary - A superb online dictionary

Verbix - German - Conjugate German verbs online.

Department of German Studies at the University of Cincinnati



Old English/Anglo-Saxon links

Beowulf on Steorarume - An excellent resource on the 3200-line epic poem from late Old English. Includes a diplomatic (Old English only) text, Modern English and Modern German translations as well as many other useful bits of information.

Old English Computer Glossary - What if the Anglo-Saxons had the computer technology we have today? Here's a list of computer terms in Old English.

Verbix - Old English - Conjuagte Old English verbs online.

Medieval Germanic runes - From the BBC h2g2 site, a history of the runes, the inscriptions of the Germanic peoples.

The Anglo-Saxon Year - Did you know that during the month of þrīmilcemōnað, which roughly corresponds to May, cattle were milked three times a day? This site has more interesting facts about the Anglo-Saxon lunar calendar.

Regia Anglorum - A well-known re-enactment society that recreates the Anglo-Saxon way of life.

The Sutton Hoo Society - The work of the Sutton Hoo Society and the story of the Anglo-Saxon Royal Cemetery at Sutton Hoo.



Middle English links

The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer's collection of stories, provided in both Middle English and Modern English

The Great Vowel Shift - An interactive site illustrating the significant vowel changes in the language from about 1450 to the eighteenth century that has made English so hard to learn due to its outdated spelling system.



Shakespeare Links

Shakespeare Resource Center - Everything you wanted to know about the Early Modern English playwright, from the language he used to the theater he built.


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