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Header Image Credits

(Home) Chain Mail - Beowulf on Steorarume

(§ 0) Anglo-Saxon map, c. 900 - Henry Davis Consulting, Inc.

(§ 1) Excerpt from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle - Elvidge Family Roots (View full image here)

(§ 2) Sutton Hoo Garnet Clasp - Australian National University - School of Humanities, Art History and Film

(§ 3) Viking ship - World Oneness Web

(§ 4) Beowulf art - Eastern Connecticut State University - Performing Arts Department (View full image here)

(§ 5) Sutton Hoo helmet - The British Museum - Learning and Information Department

(§ 6) St. Cuthbert's Cross - Northeast England History Pages

(§ 7) Illustration from page 46 of the Cædmon manuscript (public domain) (Full image is available on the Home Page)

(Links) Strickland Brooch - mid 9th-c. - The Lighthouse for Education

(Comments) Anglo-Saxon round fibula from the Kingtson Find. 7th c. A.D. (Liverpool Mus.) 3.25 in. Gold cloisonné with garnet and gemstone inlays. The round fibula is a late Roman motif. - University of Alabama at Birmingham - Honors Program

(Technical) The Damned in Hell - Late 8th-Century Anglo-Saxon carving, Rothbury, Northumberland - Unversity of York, Department of Art History



In-text Image Credits

(§ 0) First plage of Beowulf from the damaged Nowell manuscript (public domain)

(§ 1) Consonant portion of the IPA chart - International Phonetic Association

(§ 2) William Shakespeare - University of Washington Libraries - Drama


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