CV Theis Groundwater Observatory

UC Center for Field Studies

photo courtesy of Dylan Ward, UC Department of Geology

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Who was CV Theis? The Great Miami groundwater observatory is named in honor of groundwater luminary, Charles Vernon Theis, who earned his undergraduate and masterís (1922) degrees from UCís Civil Engineering Department and earned the first PhD awarded by the UC Department of Geology (1929).  Pages 45-56 are a detailed biography.

Here's a wonderful 1985 video interview with CV Theis by John Bredehoeft made as part of the the Hydrogeologist Time Capsule: Records and reflections of some eminent hydrogeologists of our time in which he talks about his career and reminisces about his time at the University of Cincinnati.

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Drone video of site by Dylan Ward

Video of aquifer response to March 1, 2017 high discharge event

Fantastic video of dynamics and importance of hyporheic zone (thank you Mike Miller, UC Biology Department!).  (FYI, no salmon in Great Miami River)

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The River Runs Through US (poster)

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