Brandan Jones

Adjunct Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati 
College of Engineering and Applied Science
College of Evening and Continuing Education
Ohio College of Applied Science
University College A collaboration with Steve Foltz from the UC College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
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Classes I am teaching:

32-IT-371 Data Structures and Algorithms
32-IT-420 Web Server Application Development (slides coming soon)
32-IT-220 Fundamentals of the Web
32-IT-345 Contemporary Programming I: Microsoft C# .net
32-IT-207 Computer Programming III: Object Oriented Programming with Java
32-IT-206 Computer Programming II: Object Oriented Programming with Java
32-IT-205 Computer Programming I: Object Oriented Programming with Java

Classes I previously taught:

30-IT-396: Beginning Java
30-IT-397: Intermediate Java
30-IT-398: Advanced Java
30-IT-252: Internet 2, JavaScript and Perl
SIFE, with Dr. Sanford Kahn

Video Learning Objective

What's the difference between a class and an object? I recently completed a VILO describing this. View it here.

Master List of Shortcuts

Productivity drives our economy and makes us valuable contributors. Increasing productivity involves continuously learning how to output more in less time. Each time I begin a class, I ask each student to contribute a shortcut. I'm developing a master list, and would like to share them with you.

Elluminate Live!

UC Students, feel free to view my recorded Elluminate Live! sessions here.
Week 3:
Week 4:

CinJUG Presentation

My presenation to CinJUG on October 16, 2006, "Boycott if-tests and other conditionals: Use design patterns for optimal design and flexibility", is available here.

Special Edition! Horticulture @ UC:

Find plants, green roofs, and rain gardens at




2001: JavaScript Certified,
1999: SUN Java Certified Programmer, 1.1, Sun Microsystems.
1996: Certified Lotus Professional, Lotus Development Corporation (IBM).