The 2011 Ohio River Analysis Meeting

University of Cincinnati | January 29-30, 2011 | Cincinnati, Ohio

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Schedule: All talks are in 301 Braunstein Hall.
Invited Addresses are indicated in green.
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Saturday, January 29
8:00am   Coffee and Sign-in
8:45am Shuang Zhang (Dept. Head, Cincinnati): Welcome Address
9:00am Igor Verbitsky (Missouri): Hessian and fractional Laplacian inequalities
10:00am John Lewis (Kentucky): Regularity and free boundary regularity for the p-Laplace operator in Reifenberg flat and NTA Ahlfors regular domains
10:25am Andrew Lorent (Cincinnati): Functions whose symmetric part of gradient agree and a generalization of Reshetnyak's compactness theorem
Short Break
11:00am Benjamin Jaye (Missouri): Existence and regularity of positive solutions to elliptic equations of Schrödinger type
11:25am Xiaolong Han (Wayne State): Bessel potential and its integral equation
11:50am Yen Do (Georgia Tech): Variational estimates for paraproducts
Break for Lunch
2:00pm Michael Weinstein (Columbia): Waves in Microstructures
3:00pm Gideon Simpson (Toronto): Ill-Posedness of degenerately dispersive equations
3:25pm Ivonne Rivas (Cincinnati): Global well-posedness and asymptotic behavior of initial boundary value problems for KdV posed in a finite domain
3:50pm Katharine Ott (Kentucky): The mixed problem for the Laplacian in Lipschitz domains
Short Break
4:30pm Parul Laul (North Carolina): Localized energy estimates for wave equations on high dimensional Schwarzschild space-times
4:55pm Tao Huang (Kentucky): Well-posedness for the heat flow of polyharmonic maps with rough initial data
5:20pm Mihai Tohaneanu (Purdue): Pointwise decay on nonstationary spacetimes
Conference Dinner at Olives, 342 Ludlow Avenue.
Directions from Campus.

Sunday, January 30
8:30am   Coffee and Refreshments
9:00am Fedor Nazarov (Wisconsin): The A2 conjecture for classical singular integral operators is true
10:00am Peter Perry (Kentucky): The -approach to inverse scattering and solution of the Davey-Stewartson II equation
10:25am Vita Borovyk (Cincinnati): Dispersive estimates in quantum harmonic lattice systems
10:50am Marius Beceanu (Rutgers): Boundedness of the wave operators for a scaling-critical space of potentials
Short Break
11:30am Cristina Pereyra (New Mexico): Sharp bounds for commutators on weighted Lebesgue spaces
Break for Lunch
2:00pm Daewon Chung (New Mexico): Iterated Bellman function method for general Haar shift operators
2:25pm Oleksandra Beznosova (Missouri): The limiting case of the Reverse Hölder inequalities and the A condition
2:50pm Nicholas Boros (Michigan State): Sharp Lp bounds for a quadratic perturbation of Burkholder's martingale transform
3:15pm Kabe Moen (Wash. U. St. Louis): Sharp two-weight bounds for commutators of singular integrals
Short Break
4:00pm Jun Geng (Kentucky): W1,p estimates for elliptic problems with Neumann boundary conditions in Lipschitz domains
4:25pm Robert Buckingham (Cincinnati): Critical dynamics of the semiclassical sine-Gordon equation
4:50pm Michael Dabkowski (Wisconsin): Eventual regularity of solutions to the supercritical dissipative suraface quasi-geostrophic equation

The Ohio River Analysis Meeting is a joint project of the University of Cincinnati Department of Mathematical Sciences and the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics.

It is made possible by additional generous support from the University of Cincinnati and the National Science Foundation.