Trans-disciplinary education in biology and engineering technology program prepares students for future in STEM

Contact: Stephanie Rollmann, Director of the UC BmE Program.

Today more than ever, the STEM workforce needs diverse cross-trained professionals with strength in their disciplinary core and the ability to address and solve complex problems through trans-disciplinary approaches.

The BmE program transcends two traditional disciplines, biology and engineering, honing in on the cutting edge of mutual inspiration between these fields – the sensory guidance of behavior in biological organisms and autonomous robots.

Students and teachers immerse themselves in meaningful trans-disciplinary learning experience which integrates the sensory guidance of animal behavior with robotics. They engage in hands-on scientific investigation to learn how biological species sense and respond to their environments. They then integrate learned scientific principles with authentic engineering technology to build and program autonomous robots equipped with sensors and behaviors, based on animals, to execute specific tasks.

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Contact: Dr. Stephanie Rollmann, Director of Biology Day

Biology Day is an annual event that brings together faculty staff and students in the Departmental of Biological Sciences with Cincinnati Public School partners to immerse high school students in hands-on activities in biology – showcasing different fields and careers in biology and research.