Welcome to the workshop series of Environment-Driven Requirements Engineering (EnviRE)


With the rising influence of AI-based systems, it is important and timely for the requirements engineering (RE) community to revisit one of the RE cornerstones, "requirements are located in the environment" [Jackson'97]. In the days of AI, IoT, and cyber-physical systems, the environment, in which the software operates, becomes more open and evolves rapidly with stakeholders' changing needs. This workshop is aimed at bringing the interested researchers and practitioners together, exchanging ideas and visions, and exploring a set of open problems to pursue in the years to come. [top]


EnviRE 2021: Sept 21, 2021, affiliated with RE 2021, held virtually.

EnviRE 2022: Aug 15, 2022, affiliated with RE 2022, held virtually. [top]

EnviRE 2023: Sept 5, 2023, affiliated with RE 2023, Hannover, Germany. [top]

EnviRE 2024: June 24 or 25, 2024, affiliated with RE 2024, Reykjavik, Iceland. [top]


Zhi Jin
Nan Niu
Yijun Yu
Zhi Jin, Peking University, China
Nan Niu, University of Cincinnati, USA
Yijun Yu, Open University, UK

(Last updated: January 5, 2024) [top]