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  Contribute to International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'21) (research abstract/paper due: March 12/19, 2021)

  Contribute to International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI'21) (research paper due: April 30, 2021)

  Contribute to Model-Driven Requirements Engineering Workshop (MoDRE'21) (abstract/paper due: June 17/24, 2021)


My current research interests focus on requirements engineering in , , and contexts. I am also investigating practical and automated ways to manage software traceability and to test scientific software. My earlier work focused on an ecological-evolutionary, foraging-theoretic approach to understanding and improving developers' search for relevant information in their daily activities, such as debugging, refactoring, and reuse. Our research is funded by NSF, EPA, NSA, AFRL, ERDC, ECI, P&G, and Ohio Cyber Range.

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Mounifah Alenazi
Xuanyi Lin
Chloe Muncy
Pavni Bakhshi
Mona Assarandarban
Hemanth Gudaparthi
Harshitha Challa
Jash Gada
Nathan Daughety
Tyler Westland
Navjot Singh
Zedong Peng
Nick Maltbie


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