Prof. Margaret Murray Hanson Margaret Murray HANSON
    Professor, Department of Physics
    Beginning Nov. 1, 2011:
    Associate University Dean, The Graduate School

          Physics Department, ML 11
          University of Cincinnati
          Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0011 USA

    Graduate School Address:
    Mail Location:
    Phone: 513-556-4343
    Fax: 513-556-0128
    Office Location: 110 Van Wormer Hall

    My Travel Click Here (This I try to keep current)

    Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1995

    Research Interests: High-mass star formation, star formation at the Galactic Center, massive young clusters and Galactic structure.

    • You'll find my research Home Page HERE.
    • UC file space (web location for posted talks, data, etc.) login HERE

    I have recently completed a chapter on Astronomical Spectroscopy (click here for a copy), with Phil Massey of Lowell Observatory. This appeared as part of a new graduate textbook series, Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems, by Springer Publishing in 2013.

    I am not teaching while serving as the Associate Dean for The Graduate School. Please see my website with links to all my past courses located here.

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