The Fifth Ohio River Analysis Meeting

University of Cincinnati | Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2015 | Cincinnati, Ohio

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Schedule: All talks are in the Campus Recreation Center classrooms.
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Saturday, February 28
8:30am   Coffee and Sign-in
Morning Plenary Session in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
9:00am Ken Petren (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Cincinnati)
9:10am Shuang Zhang (Dept. Head, Cincinnati)
9:20am Carlos Pérez (UPV/EHU and Ikerbasque): On commutators of singular integral operators with BMO functions
10:20am Piotr Hajlasz (Pittsburgh): Maximal functions, Littlewood-Paley theory and Sobolev spaces
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 1a in Campus Rec. Center, room 3220
11:30am Michael Music (Kentucky): Solutions to the Novikov-Veselov equation via the inverse scattering method
12:00pm John Helms (UC Santa Barbara): Global solutions to 2-D quasilinear wave equations
Parallel Session 1b in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
11:30am Thomas Bieske (South Florida): The p(x)-Laplacian on Carnot groups
12:00pm Nguyen Lam (Pittsburgh): Sharp Moser-Trudinger-Adams inequalities
12:30-2:00pm     Break for Lunch
Afternoon Plenary Talk in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
2:00pm Svetlana Jitomirskaya (UC Irvine): Quasiperiodic operators with monotone potentials: sharp arithmetic spectral transitions and small coupling localization
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 2a in Campus Rec. Center, room 3220
3:15pm Yaowei Zhang (Kentucky): The Bourgain-spaces and recovery of magnetic and electronic potentials of Schrödinger operators
3:45pm Phi Le (Missouri): Carleson measure estimate and Dirichlet problems for degenerate elliptic equations
4:15pm Xiaodan Zhou (Pittsburgh): A game-theoretic proof of convexity preserving properties for motion by curvature
Parallel Session 2b in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
3:15pm Joshua Isralowitz (Albany): Matrix weighted Poincare and Sobolev inequalities
3:45pm Xining Li (Cincinnati): Preservation of bounded geometry under sphericalization and flattening: quasiconvexity and ∞-Poincare inequality
4:15pm Lu Zhang (Wayne State): Lp estimate for a trilinear pseudo-differential operator
Parallel Session 2c in Campus Rec. Center, room 3240
3:15pm Jungang Li (Wayne State): Best constants for Moser's inequality on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
3:45pm Jiawei Shen (Wayne State): Singular Moser-Trudinger inequality with exact growth condition on the whole hyperbolic space
Short Break Between Sessions
Parallel Session 3a in Campus Rec. Center, room 3220
5:00pm Guillermo Rey (Michigan State): A pointwise estimate for positive dyadic shifts and some applications
5:30pm Paata Ivanishvili (Michigan State): Lerner's inequality in arbitrary dimension
Parallel Session 3b in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
5:00pm Patrick Tolksdorf (Darmstadt): Maximal regularity for the Stokes operator in bounded Lipschitz domains
5:30pm Dat Cao (Missouri): Finite energy and weak solutions of sublinear elliptic equations
Parallel Session 3c in Campus Rec. Center, room 3240
5:00pm David Smith (Cincinnati): Heat on a network
5:30pm Roza Aceska (Ball State): Weight functions with directional sensitivity
Conference Dinner, UC Faculty Club, 8th floor Richard E. Lindner Center.
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Sunday, March 1  
8:30am   Coffee and Refreshments
Morning Plenary Session in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
9:00am Peter Sternberg (Indiana): Minimizers of a nonlocal isoperimetric problem in thin domains
10:00am Kay Kirkpatrick (Illinois): Bose-Einstein condensation: from many quantum particles to a quantum "superparticle"
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 4a in Campus Rec. Center, room 3220
11:15am Hong Yue (Georgia College): Nonhomogeneous weighted div-curl lemmas for the local Hardy space h1
11:45am Ryan Alvarado (Missouri): A sharp theory of Hardy spaces in spaces of homogeneous type
Parallel Session 4b in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
11:15am Jay Hineman (Fordham): Very weak solutions for Poisson-Nernst-Planck system
11:45am Guanying Peng (Cincinnati): Analysis of the Lawrence-Doniach model for layered superconductors in magnetic fields
Break for Lunch
Parallel Session 5a in Campus Rec. Center, room 3220
1:45pm Alexander Reznikov (Vanderbilt): Covering properties of random points
2:15pm Lila Greco (Kenyon): Brownian motion in the complex plane
2:45pm Dewey Estep (Cincinnati): Geometry of the prime end boundary and the Dirichlet problem for bounded domains in metric measure spaces
Parallel Session 5b in Campus Rec. Center, room 3230
1:45pm Alex Misiats (Purdue): Invariant measures for stochastic reaction-diffusion equations
2:15pm Miguel Caicedo (Cincinnati): Well-posedness of a nonlinear boundary value problem for the KdV equation on a finite domain
2:45pm Pei Pei (Earlham): Weak solutions and blow-up for wave equations of p-Laplacian type with super-critical sources
3:15pm End of conference

The Ohio River Analysis Meeting is a joint project of the University of Cincinnati Department of Mathematical Sciences and the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics.

It is made possible by additional generous support from the University of Cincinnati, the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center, and the National Science Foundation.