GoDaddy Webpage

GoDaddy Simple Information

Supports PHP Supports mySQL Cost per month Storage Space
True True $7.99 100Gbs

Other Important Info

GoDaddy offers the Domain Service separate from their web-hosting service. This service costs extra and is not included. Setup fees, if existent, were not listed on their website.

Should you use GoDaddy?

We would recommend you look elsewhere to host your website. GoDaddy's website simply doesn't provide enough information to consumers looking to host a cheap website, and their prices are not competitive without sales, which are temporary. Using their Domain Service is also costly, even more so than the website, and changes price per URL.

NOTE: If you use GoDaddy via an Annual Plan, you get 1 free Domain, and the price is dropped, so if you want a website for a year GoDaddy becomes a viable option! Through the annual plan, GoDaddy drops to ~$3 per month with a domain and still plenty of storage and features, so if you don't mind annual purchasing, GoDaddy is actually the best option in our list!