About me

My name is Almaz Butaev and from August 2021 to August 2023 I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematical Science, University of Cincinnati. I received my PhD from Concordia University (Montréal) under the supervision of Professor Galia Dafni. Before coming to UC, I was a postdoc at University of Calgary, where my advisor was Professor Alex Brudnyi.  


My research interests are harmonic analysis, function spaces, Whitney problems and analysis on metric measure spaces. 


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Manuscripts submitted for publication:

  1. Butaev, A., Dafni, G., Local vanishing mean oscillation
  2. Butaev, A., Dafni, G., Locally uniform domains and extension of bmo functions

In preparation:

  1. Brudnyi, A., Butaev, A. Traces of Lipschitz spaces on a Riemannian manifold 
  2. Butaev, A., Liang, L., Shanmugalingam, N., Dirichlet form on metric measure spaces and graph approximations.

Conferences, Seminars and Talks

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UC Analysis Seminar


My office at UC is 5428D, French Hall.

To contact, please, send me an email at butaevaz"AT"ucmail.uc.edu (e.g. by pressing the ‚úČ button on the right)