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Here is an incomplete list of some of my favorite websites.

Some Helpful WWW Links:

Access to Web Searching "Engines"

Google Search 
        Google has now become the most popular search engine of all those available.
Alta Vista's Search Engine
This page gives you access to one of the web's primary search tools.
Webcrawler Search
Webcrawler is a second example of a way to search the web.
InfoSeek Search Engine
There are other web searching tools, but this is at least a third one to get started.

People Finding Resources

GTE SuperPages
Telephone directory-type listings for thousands of individuals and businesses
WhoWhere? E-mail Directory Service
WhoWhere will help you identify an e-mail address for a friend or colleague

Career Resources on the Internet

Career Builder
Includes a wide variety of career resources
The Monster Board
This site includes a little of everything related to careers on the web.
Jobs in California
Looking for a job in California? This is the place to start!
Educational Employment Network
Teachers seeking jobs and districts seeking teachers are linked through this site.

Informational Resources

The New York Times on the Web
Daily news updated by the New York Times for the web.
CNN Interactive
Cable News Network's interactive news and information
InfoBeat Webpage
Here's a place to subscribe (for free) to receive the latest news, sports, weather, and entertainment daily directly to your e-mail address
Movie Database
This source is not, of course, an academic database - it is a wonderful resource of information about movies. Find possible videos, reviews of current movies, biographies, and more.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education provides extensive information about colleges and university issues and jobs!

Publishers of Counseling Books and Journals

Welcome to Allyn & Bacon
Allyn and Bacon have published a number of counseling textbooks.
Sage Publishers Home Page
A very good source for statistically-related textbooks.
Thomson Publishers
This is one of the primary sources of counseling textbooks:  Thomson Publishing includes Wadsworth Books and Brooks/Cole.
Publishers on the Internet
This source provides access (through internet links) to virtually every publisher with a webpage.

Counseling (and related) Professional Organizations

American Counseling Association
This is the homepage for the largest professional organization of counselors, the American Counseling Association.
American Educational Research Association
The division with AERA most applicable to counselors is Division E - Counseling and Human Development.
Chi Sigma Iota -- Main Page
Chi Sigma Iota is the international honorary society for counselors. This link leads you to more information about the organization and its purpose.
American Psychological Association
The division of APA most directly related to counseling is Division 17, Counseling Psychology.
APA Code of Ethics
This page contains the American Psychological Association's Code of Ethics.

Additional Sources of Help for Counselors

Mental Health Services Online
Listing and links to a very large number of mental health services on the world wide web.
Eating Disorders Center
This homepage presents educational information about eating disorders and their treatment. This page was created by Jeanne Rust.

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