The Same-Sex Relationship Development Study

The purpose of this online study was to build our knowledge about same-sex couples. Right now, it remains unknown why gay and lesbian couples typically choose to move in together or what it means to them to live together. We also know little about what factors predict whether same-sex couples will stay together and stay happy with each other. This online survey will help us learn about how same-sex relationships develop and how same-sex partners symbolize their commitment to one another. The information we gather from this survey will be used  to help inform policy and relationship education programs to help same-sex attracted individuals build and keep healthy relationships.

Enrollment for this study ended in                    December 2012. Participants completed follow-up surveys that finished in June 2013.

If you would like to learn more about the results of this study, feel free to browse any of the manuscripts below. We have explored factors associated with the stability of same-sex relationships, how having legal and social ceremonies may affect same-sex couples, and the links between monogamy among same-sex couples and relationship and individual wellbeing.

1) Relationship Instability in Same-Sex Romantic Relationships

2) Legal and Social Ceremonies to Formalize Same-Sex Relationships: Associations with Commitment, Social Support, and Relationship Outcomes

3) Monogamy Agreements in Male Same-Sex Couples: Associations with                                                                               Relationship Quality and Individual Wellbeing