File System Exercises

  1. Identify and make note of your current location/position in the file system (your current directory).

  2. Move up one level and make note of where you are now. Continue this until the top most directory is reached. What is the name of the top most directory?

  3. Return to your home directory using the simplest technique (i.e. command) available.

  4. Using the notes you just made, move up one directory level using an absolute file specification. Repeat until reaching the top most directory. Now return to your home directory using the absolute file specification.

  5. Copy the /etc/passwd file to your home directory keeping the name the same. Verify you copied it successfully. Practice this using various combinations of absolute and relative file specifications.

  6. Now delete the passwd file in your home directory. Practice this using absolute and relative file specs.

  7. Copy the file again this time naming the destination file my_passwd. Verify the copy was successful.

  8. Once successful, examine the protection modes. Change the protection modes to something other than original and verify the changes success.

  9. Practice the above until you are sure you are comfortable with and understand these tasks.

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