About the Author

Mark Thomas began working with Unix in graduate school circa 1986 using a DEC VAX 11/780 running Ultrix. Throughout his professional career, he has noodled with a plethora of Unix flavors running on various hardware including, but not limited to (due to machines he can't remember):

Prior to academia, he was a software engineer for 12 years working for a company developing world class CAD/CAM/CAE software, mostly in C and C++ on many of the Unix platforms mentioned above.

He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science an the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College (UCBA). He has been teaching various Unix related classes for more than twenty five years.

His interests include, um, well, computers and computation.

Feel free to contact him via his email address.

Update: In March of 2009, Mark Thomas was one of 10 winners throughout Ohio of the first annual "Faculty Innovator Awards", awarded by the University System of Ohio. He was given this award for the creation and use of two eTexts, one of which is this Unix eText. The press release describing this award can be viewed here. A photo of the award being presented in the Ohio Statehouse by Gov. Ted Strickland (right) and Chancellor Eric Fingerhut (left) can be viewed here.

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