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Your website here.

You can use homepages.uc.edu to publish web pages.

Here’s how it works: Create your website by changing this page (it's called "index.html" and it's in the public_html folder ) and creating any other HTML pages you want.

Your website is located at http://homepages.uc.edu/~username . Just replace 'username' with your UC user ID — the same one you use to login to other UC resources.

That’s it. You’re done — your page is ready for viewing.

HTML, anyone?

HTML is easy — so easy that even a first-time user can do it. That's because you don’t have to learn HTML to use it.

HTML — short for hypertext markup language — is what webmasters and designers use to publish text and graphics on the Internet in a form that can be read by any web browser.

To create an HTML webpage in Microsoft Word, all you have to do is choose Save as HTML from the File menu. Word will save your work as an HTML page, ready for publishing on the Internet.

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Quick Start Guide

1. Create the HTML pages for your website and put them in the public_html folder in your home folder on homepages.uc.edu.

Substitute your own content for the text, graphics, and links in this page (index.html) to create a customized welcome page. Create other HTML pages following your application's instructions for linking pages and graphics.

2. Make sure you have a working network connection. If you need help, contact the UCit Help Desk or visit the Walk-in Help Desk in the UCit Student Technology Resources Center, located in 630 Steger Student Life Center.

4. Note the address for your website:

where 'username' is your UC user ID — the same one you use to login to other UC resources.

Give this address to the people you want to access your web site. They can connect to your web site and view your published documents by typing this address in their web browser.