David Andrew Smith

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati


Upcoming meetings

Conference 1-5th June 2015: SIAM international symposium on orthogonal polynomials, special functions and applications, Gathersburg, MD, USA

AIM Workshop 8-12th June 2015: Mathematical aspects of physics with non-self-adjoint operators, San Jose, CA, USA

Conference 10-14th August 2015: ICIAM 2015, Beijing, China



At the 5th Ohio River Analysis Meeting, I gave a description of recent work with Natalie Sheils on solving the heat equation on a network of rods with different physical properties. My slides are available for download.


For the University of Washington Mathematical Methods e-Seminar series I described research on expansions in a new generalization of the eigenfunctions of linear differential operators. My slides are available for download.


At the conference on Integrable Systems, Random Matrix Theory & Combinatorics in honour of Nick Ercolani's 60th birthday, I described some recent results obtained with Thanasis Fokas. My slides are available for download.


I gave an overview of some of my research to the Applied Mathematics Seminar at University of Crete in September 2012. My slides are available for download.