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Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Phone: (513)556-4062 (Office)
University of Cincinnati, French Hall West, (513) 556-4050 (Dept. office)
P.O.Box 210025, University of Cincinnati, Fax: (513) 556-3417
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0025. 2815 Commons Way, E-mail:
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0025.

My office is in 5428F, French Hall.

Spring Semester 2021
MATH2063-003 Multivariable Calculus,
MATH5102/6002 Advanced Calculus II,
MATH8002-001 Geometric Analysis.
This course can be accessed by registered students via Bearcats Landing.

I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Rochester and my doctoral degree from the University of Michigan, under the supervision of Professor Juha Heinonen. A list of my papers can be found here.

My research interests are geometric function theory, potential theory, analysis on metric measure spaces.

Some useful Math websites:
Webpage of the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Cincinnati.
Website of the libraries at University of Cincinnati and the uclid Catalog.

The webpage of the UC Geometric Analysis and PDE seminar maintained by Gareth Speight.
The webpage of the UC probability seminar maintained by Yizao Wang.

Webpage of the American Mathematical Society and the MathSciNet catalog (the mirror site at Bielefeld).
The webpage of the Taft Research Center.

My PhD advisor was Prof. Juha Heinonen
The Webpage of Prof. Jeremy Tyson
The webpage of Prof. Juha Kinnunen, and the Finnish nonlinear PDE research group webpage.
The webpage of Prof. Pekka Koskela
The webpages of Prof. Jana Björn and Prof. Anders Björn
The webpage of Prof. Fabrice Baudoin
The webpage of Prof. Riikka Korte
The webpage of Prof. Estibalitz Durand-Cartagena

The MSRI program The Analysis and Geometry of Random Spaces, to be held January 18--May 27, 2022.

The AMS Joint Math Meeting's special session Analysis on Metric Spaces, to be held in Seattle, WA, January 6, 2022.

AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting's sepccial session Special Session on Geometry of Measures and Metric Spaces, to be held at Purdue University, March 26--27, 2022.

The Ohio River Analysis Meeting will be held in University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, April 2--3, 2022.

The Harmonic Analysis and PDE special session of the Canadian Mathematical Society 75th Anniversary Summer Meeting, held virtually, June 7--11, 2021.
The Special Session on Nonsmooth Analysis and Geometry and Special Session on Probabilistic and Diffusion Methods in Analysis and Geometry of the Spring Central Sectional Meeting of the AMS, 17--18 April, 2021.
The Geometry and analysis in function and mapping theory on Euclidean and metric measure spaces semester, held in September--November, 2019, in IMPAN, Warsaw, Poland.
Function Theory on Infinite Dimensional Spaces XVI, held at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 18--21 November 2019.
The fourth annual Northeastern Analysis Meeting (NEAM), held at Syracuse University, October 4--6, 2019.
Special Session on Analysis and Probability on Metric Spaces and Fractals at the AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting, held at Madison, WI, September 14--15, 2019.
Modern Aspects of Complex Analysis and Its Applications, a conference in honor of John Garnett and Don Marshall, University of Washington, Seattle, August 19--23, 2019.
The Harmonic analysis and PDEs conference, Helsinki, Finland, 3--7 June, 2019.
Special session on Analysis, Geometry, and PDEs in Non-smooth Metric Spaces at the AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting, UConn, Hartford, CT, April 13--14, 2019.
The 9th Ohio River Analysis Meeting, Cincinnati, March 30--31, 2019.
Special session on differential equations on fractals at Joint Math. Meetings, Baltimore, MD, 17--18 January 2019.
62nd Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Scociety,, held in Adeleide, Australia, Dec. 4--7, 2018.
Fractal Geometry and Stochastics VI, held in Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest, Germany) 30 Sept.--5 Oct. 2018.
The Rickman Memorial Conference, held in Helsinki, 18--20 June, 2018.
Geometric Measure Theory and its Connections, held at Helsinki University, June 4--8, 2018.
Function Theory on Infinite Dimensional Spaces XV, on the occassion of Prof. Jesús Jaramillo's 60th birtdhay, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 6--9 February 2018.
The Centrtal States section meeting of SIAM, held at Colorado State U., Fort Collins, CO, Sept. 29--Oct. 1, 2017.
The Geometric measure theory conference, Warwick University, Coventry, U.K., 10--14 July 2017.
Tenth School on Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces, Levico Terme (Trento), Italy from June 26th to June 30th, 2017.
Informal Analysis Meeting, Kent State Univ., held 7--9 April 2017.
The Modern Aspects of Complex Geometry, in honor of Taft Professor David Minda,
held 14--17 May 2015, at the University of Cincinnati.
The long program Interactions Between Analysis and Geometry, at IPAM, UCLA, March 11--June 14, 2013.
Quasiconformal Mappings and Analysis on Metric Spaces, a conference in memory of Juha Heinonen, Ann Arbor, MI; May 12-16, 2008.
The webpage of the summerschool held by the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) every year.

Some preprint servers:
The preprint series of the Centre de Recerca Matematica (CRM).
The preprint series of the University of Jyväskylä.
The preprint server arXiv from Cornell University.
The preprint series from the Mittag-Leffler Institute.
The RIMS preprint list of the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University.
The NUMDAM project, digitizing older French journal articles.
The Polish virtual library of Science, Mathematical Collection.
The CVGMT website of Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.

Check out the The Mathematics Genealogy Project Mathematics Geneology Project website.

On a lighter note, there is a webite with Barathiyar's poems.
You can find more about Valluvar's Thirukkural here.
The Project Mathurai website can be found from here.
The watercolor art of Robin Erickson can be found here.
The Cincinnati Art Museum is a cool place to visit.
Other websites of interest: The American Civil Liberties Union, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Ohio Innocence Project.

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