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Anaconda Install

With the recent release of Anaconda 5.3, along with default Python 3.7 support, I’ve reinstalled my Anaconda distributions and would like to note down the extra packages I find useful.

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PHYS 5041/6041: Computational Physics

Class information:

  • Instructor: Henry Schreiner @ CERN in Geneva, Switzerland via WebEx.
  • M, W, F from 8:55 - 9:50 AM in Geo/Phys Room 300/Hauck. Remote attendance (by request) and recorded lectures will be available.
  • Office hours: 10AM-11AM Monday and Friday via video chat (WebEx or Skype, TBD).
  • Course websites:
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This is a quick outline of the steps needed to work on the Velo tracking (binning project).

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ROOT Default Compression in 6.14

There was a new compression algorithm in ROOT 6.12/02 that was faster than the old ZLIB default, but nearly as good as LZMA. It was called LZ4. In ROOT 6.14/00, that new algorithm is now the default algorithm. Which means that a file saved in ROOT 6.14 does not work in ROOT older than 6.12/02, 6.10/08, 6.08/06, or 5.34/38! For example, if you are using ROOT 6.06 on LxPlus, you are out of luck. The following are some suggestions for ways to fix this. (Note: once ROOT 6.14/02 comes out, please use that, as the suggestions are better there!)

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This is an example transfer from LxPlus to Goofy:

globus-url-copy -vb -p 16 -create-dest filename.thing sshftp://username@