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Laboratory News!


New graduate students “Prem Shresthat” and “Alora Pratt” joined our group in 2022.


– January: Dr. Kim started serving as the Chair of Biochemistry Division in the Department of Chemistry.


– October 4: Khanh received an “Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award”. Congratulations, Khanh!

– September 28: Our paper on the ARH3 drug discovery pipeline, which is in collaboration with John Tainer’s group, is published in Methods in EnzymologyCongratulations, Jim!

– July: Zyrill received a “Best REU Poster Award”. Congratulations, Zyrill!

– June 30: Sam’s paper on NUDT5-coupled AMP/Glo Assay is published in PLoS OneCongratulations, Sam and Nuwani!

– May: We received a “$1.4M 4-year R01 grant from NIH-NIGMS for our research on ARH3 mechanism and function (visit our Chemistry Facebook site).

– April: Our paper on ADP-ribosylation of Androgen receptor signaling is accepted in Nature Communications (IF: 14.92). Congratulations, Yasin!

– April: Sam and Matt received a departmental award. Congratulations, Sam and Matt!

– April: Zhijun’s paper on SARS-CoV-2 RNA proofreading complex is published in Protein Expression and Purification. Congratulations, Jim and Yasin!

– April: Yasin’s paper on ARH3 is published in J. Biol. Chem. Congratulations, Yasin and Jim!

– March: Yasin successfully defended his thesis and moved to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a post-doc. Best wishes for Yasin’s new career!

– January: Our paper on DNA ligase III – XRCC1 complex is published in Nucleic Acids Research (IF: 16.97). Congratulations, Yasin!


– November: Our ACS-RSG grant and research are published in “UC News.

– September: Our new lab space in Crosley 9th floor is open. We now have a two-story laboratory with two student offices.

– April: Yasin and Sam’s paper on PARG is published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Congratulations, Yasin and Sam!


– October: We have received a $0.8M 4-year American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant (ACS-RSG)" (visit our Chemistry Facebook page)

– September: Our paper on the PARG inhibitor development is published in Nature Communications (IF: 14.92). Congratulations, Yasin!


– October: We have received a 2-year V scholar grant from V foundation and 1.5-year pilot grant from Marlene Harris Ride Cincinnati foundation! (visit our Chemistry Facebook page)

– July: Our paper on the new ARH3 structure is published in J. Biol. ChemCongratulations, Yasin!

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