White Lion

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White lion

Panthera leo
Living in groups called prides, the lion is the dominant predator on the African savanna. Lions are losing habitat as agriculture spreads and most survive only in parks and reserves. White lions, specifically, no longer remain in the wild and very few are found in zoos. A recessive gene resulting in a light-colored coat distinguishes the white lion from other lions, though they are members of the same species.
Fact file:

Height: Male up to 4 ft

Female up to 3.6 ft

Weight: Male 330 to 530 lbs

Female 270 to 400 lbs

Lifespan: Up to 18 years

Habitat: Savanna, and woodland and scrubland

Prey: Primarily hoofed mammals such as gazelles and zebras, some small mammals, birds and reptiles

Current Range: Central Africa