Asian Elephant

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Asian Elephant

Elephas maximus
No other wild animal has had such a close relationship with people as the Asian elephant. These modern day giants, relatives of the mammoths, have been honored by cultures throughout Asia and the world. In addition, people have harnessed their strength for over 5,000 years.

Today, the cultural traditions of the past collide with the present as the human population of tropical Asia continues to grow. Large-scale habitat loss and poaching for ivory are endangering Asian elephant populations.
Fact file:

Height: 8 – 10 ft

Weight: 6,000 – 11,000 lbs

Birth weight: 220 lbs

Longevity: 60 years (70 years in captivity)

Habitat: Primarily forests with access to water

Diet: Variety of grasses, leaves, barks and fruits

Reproduction: 18 – 22 months gestation

Status: Endangered