Year-in-Review: Year Two

My sophomore year of college was a significant time in my life. It was my first full year as an Environmental Engineering major and was the first time I co-oped.

First semester I was taking classes. I took 18 credit hours and was taking Organic Chemistry ahead of schedule. Organic chemistry was a difficult class. The class itself was not too difficult and I managed it fine. The lab however contained a ridiculous amount of work for a 1 credit hour class and was very unforgiving. I think my highest score on a lab report was somewhere around a 65%. Despite this, the curve rounded me up to a B-.

This year I served as the Trip Coordinator for the UC Mountaineering Club. This was a serious undertaking and required a good amount of work. I set up an online trip sign up form and got trips going out almost every weekend with the help of my co-trip coordinator Jake Sekinger. However, this position ended up being a lot of extra work and I had a difficult time balancing it with my school workload. Due to this I ended up not running for office this coming year.

In the spring semester, I had my first co-op. I had a very difficult time finding a position and ended up finding one at MSD after the fall semester was over, which led to a lot of stress, however I did end up getting a position and that’s all that matters. At MSD I was a co-op in the conveyance division and did design and engineering on local sewer and lateral projects, which brought sewer service to people who are on septic systems and want sewers.