Understanding Religious Intolerance

In the Spring Semester of 2016, I participated in an honors experience tasked with creating a useful model utilizing MATLAB. This model could be anything from orbits to weather patterns. Our team ended up going with a model of best walking routes on campus.

The experience took place in a group of 4 students with one advisor. We met once a week on Fridays to discuss any ideas and/or work through code of specific segments that we were struggling with. The experience culminated in an undergraduate research presentation fair.

While our team experienced multiple hangups along the way, we ended up getting through most of our objectives by the end of the experience. We all learned more about search algorithms such as Dijkstra´┐Żs and A* path finding. While we did not quite complete the applet, we created a base model for a more successful design.



This is our abstract that outlines our experience.