Kees Adriaan DeJong

Published in The Cincinnati Enquirer on November 13, 2008

Kees Adriaan DeJong died in his home on November 6, 2008. Kees was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands on December 5, 1939. He immigrated with his family to Cincinnati in 1970. He was husband to Else for 47 years, father and father in law of Onno Jan & Motomi, Remco Jeroen & Thais, Mark Rutger Jan & Libby, Robbert Aryan & Valerie, and grandfather of Elsha, Basil, Taiyo and Clio, and step grandfather of Mundy, Christian, Graydon, Lorena, Isaac, Owen and Evan. Kees loved his family, his life, God to whom one says thanks, his home, his photography, and his work at the Universities of Utrecht and Cincinnati, especially field work in the mountains of Europe, Pakistan & Mexico. He loved both The Netherlands and the United States of America and was thankful that Barack Obama won the election. He was a member of the Community Church of Cincinnati. His participation in the PCNG: Prostate Cancer Networking Group of The Wellness Community and in EPCEL, an e-mail based prostate cancer support group in The Netherlands, meant much to him. Kees donated his body to the University of Cincinnati for research and education.