Kees A. DeJong – A Tribute by Rebecca Reverman

Kees made me promise to not make a fuss about him, so I will keep this short and sweet. Kees taught many of us skills that not only aid us as geologist, but in all aspects of life. I will only share a couple that I have found most helpful.  Without Kees I would not be able to  "Shoot from the Hip" with a Brunton, nor could I correctly identify the many varieties of cows in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Without his tutelage I would not be able to drive down I-75 during rush hour looking only at my GPS or realize the simple pleasure of a 5 o'clock sherry.

I would have never been able to thank him enough for everything he taught me. He first terrified me as an undergrad, then later inspired and encouraged me in my studies. His guidance while writing my thesis was invaluable. He was always honest with me, usually brutally honest, never sugarcoating his opinion of my work.  He made me a better student and teacher.  He was, in short, my Dutch Uncle.