History of the Department of Geology

In 1858 Charles McMicken left part of his estate to the city of Cincinnati for the founding of a college. For several years classes were held on the McMicken estate until the year 1893 when the present McMicken Hall was erected in Burnet Woods. At the same time the southern end of Burnet Woods Park, comprising 43 acres in all, was laid off as a campus. In 1907, Nevin M. Fenneman was invited to the University of Cincinnati to found a Department of Geology and Geography. At the beginning, Dr. Fenneman was the only member of the Department. Subsequently, however, others were added as the Department grew in numbers and influence. Comments from former students, such as Wayne Martin, reveal more of the personalities and atmosphere that prevailed in times past. The geology library was begun as a departmental collection early in the history of the department. The collection was combined with University Library materials and housed with the geography collection in 103 Old Tech in 1951 to form the Geology-Geography Library. Here is an aerial photo taken in 1915 and also an aerial photo of the UC campus taken in 1962. Old Tech is right behind McMicken Hall.

Following are some key components of departmental history:

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