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Professor of Environmental Health,
Director, Center for Health-Related Aerosol Studies
Department of Environmental Health, 107 Kettering Building, University of Cincinnati
3223 Eden Ave.,PO Box 670056, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0056, USA
TEL: (513) 558-0504
FAX: (513) 558-2263
Born   January 13, 1960, Odessa, Ukraine (former USSR)
Citizenship:    USA
Marital status   Married, wife: Victoria Appatova, Ph.D.
  daughters: Alexandra (1987), Leah (1996)

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Trained as a physicist, Sergey A. Grinshpun received his M.S. degree in Physics in 1982 and Ph.D. degree in Thermophysics (Aerosol Science) in 1987 from Odessa University, Ukraine. With his research group in Odessa University he studied the sampling efficiency of aerosol inlets as well as other aspects of measurement and characterization of aerosol particles. Since 1988, he has been an invited speaker, panelist, organizing committee member and session chair at national and international conferences as well as a guest lecturer at various universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries of Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. In 1991, he joined Professor Willeke's research group at the University of Cincinnati, USA, as a visiting faculty member, and was subsequently appointed Associate Professor (1993) and Full Professor (2003) of Environmental Health. Dr. Grinshpun has been involved in the experimental and theoretical evaluation of existing aerosol sampling techniques and the development of new methods for the stationary and personal aerosol sampling. His research findings have been applied to aerosols of biological origin with the focus on sampling, analysis, real-time detection, aerosolizaton and characterization of airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pollen. He is also engaged in the laboratory and field studies on the behavior and transport of airborne particles in indoor and outdoor environments as well as in the development and evaluation of aerosol generation systems, respiratory protection and indoor air purification techniques, and other methods and devices related to environmental and industrial aerosols. His research program has been supported by the US government agencies and international organizations (e.g., CDC/NIOSH, NIEHS, NIST, DHS, DHUD, DoD, EPA, and NATO) and major industries. Dr. Grinshpun directs the Center for Health-Related Aerosol Studies, which was established at the University of Cincinnati in 2000 and since then has supported 10-20 researchers at any given time. Through his career, Dr. Grinshpun authored or co-authored about 400 scientific publications, including almost 130 original articles in peer-reviewed journals, 90 book chapters and full proceeding papers, as well as about 180 conference abstracts. He has served as a reviewer, panel member or consultant to several federal agencies and professional associations nationally and internationally as well as for major companies and research institutions. He has also served on the Editorial Boards of four journals with international circulation. Dr. Grinshpun’s accomplishments in aerosol research were recognized through the International Smoluchowski Award from the European Aerosol Assembly (1996, The Netherlands), the AIHA Outstanding Aerosol Paper Award (1997, USA), and the David L. Swift Memorial Award (2001, USA). He also received two John M. White Awards from AIHA (1997, 1998, USA) for his contribution to respiratory protection studies and Best Practice Award from the US Department of HUD (2000) for his studies of leaded particles in indoor air.
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