The Seventh Ohio River Analysis Meeting

University of Cincinnati | March 25-26, 2017 | Cincinnati, Ohio

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Schedule: All talks are in the Swift Hall 8th floor classrooms.
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Saturday, March 25
8:30am   Coffee and Sign-in, 809 Swift Hall
Morning Plenary Session in 800 Swift Hall
9:00am Opening Remarks
9:15am Christopher Sogge (Johns Hopkins): On the concentration of eigenfunctions
10:15am Alex Iosevich (Rochester): On a bilinear analog of the spherical averaging operator
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 1a in 808 Swift Hall
11:30am Stephen Deterding (Kentucky): Bounded point derivations on Rp(X) and approximate derivatives
12:00pm Vladimir Vinogradov (Ohio University): On applications of special functions in probability theory
Parallel Session 1b in 816 Swift Hall
11:30am Anton Lukyanenko (Michigan): Separated nets in nilpotent groups
12:00pm Alexander Reznikov (Vanderbilt): Separation and covering properties of greedy energy points
Parallel Session 1c in 820 Swift Hall
11:30am Tilak Bhattacharya (Western Kentucky): Existence of viscosity solutions of Trudinger's equation and long time asymptotics
12:00pm Dekai Zhang (Minnesota): The Neumann problem of Hessian quotient equations
12:30-2:00pm     Break for Lunch
Afternoon Plenary Talk in 800 Swift Hall
2:00pm Stefanie Petermichl (Toulouse III): On the matrix A2 conjecture
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 2a in 808 Swift Hall
3:15pm Alex Mesiats (Courant): Convex duality in nonconvex variational problems
3:45pm Guanying Peng (Cincinnati): Regularity of the Eikonal equation with two vanishing entropies
4:15pm Dat Pham (Wayne State): Lipschizian and Hölderian full stability for parametric variational systems
Parallel Session 2b in 816 Swift Hall
3:15pm Matthew Romney (Illinois): Geometry of Grushin space
3:45pm Sergii Myroshnychenko (Kent State): On the uniqueness of polytopes with congruent spherical projections
4:15pm Alan Chang (Chicago): The Kakeya needle problem for rectifiable sets
Parallel Session 2c in 820 Swift Hall
3:15pm Mariana Smit Vega Garcia (Washington): The singular free boundary in the Signorini problem
3:45pm Morgan Scheffler (Kentucky): Approximation of solutions to the mixed problem on Lipschitz domains
4:15pm Stephen Quinn (Missouri): A sublinear Schur's test for elliptic PDEs
Parallel Session 2d in 819 Swift Hall
3:15pm Erin Compaan (Illinois): Well-posedness and nonlinear smoothing for the "good" Boussinesq equation on the half-line
3:45pm Fazel Hadadifard (Kansas): The global regularity of the 2D critical Boussinesq system with α > 2/3
4:15pm John Holmes (Ohio State): The compressible Euler equations in R2
Short Break Between Sessions
Parallel Session 3a in 808 Swift Hall
5:00pm Diego Ricciotti (Pittsburgh): Regularity for p-harmonic functions in the Heisenberg group
5:30pm Lukáš Malý (Cincinnati): Neumann problem for p-Laplace equation in metric spaces
Parallel Session 3b in 816 Swift Hall
5:00pm Dmitriy Stolyarov (Michigan State): Operator of integration on the space of bounded analytic functions
Parallel Session 3c in 820 Swift Hall
5:00pm Josh Brummer (Kansas State): Bilinear operators with homogeneous symbols, smooth molecules, and Kato-Ponce inequalities
5:30pm Bae Jun Park (Wisconsin): On the boundedness of pseudo-differential operators on Triebel-Lizorkin spaces
Parallel Session 3d in 819 Swift Hall
5:00pm Jacob Perry (North Carolina): Localized energy for wave equations with degenerate trapping, Part I
5:30pm Robert Booth (North Carolina): Localized energy for wave equations with degenerate trapping, Part II
Conference Dinner, UC Faculty Club, 8th floor Richard E. Lindner Center.
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Sunday, March 26  
8:30am   Coffee and Refreshments, 809 Swift Hall
Morning Plenary Session in 800 Swift Hall
9:00am Andrea Nahmod (Massachusetts): Randomization and dynamics in nonlinear wave and dispersive equations
10:00am Jeremy Tyson (Illinois): Quasiregular mappings of Euclidean space and the Heisenberg group
Short Break Between Talks
Parallel Session 4a in 808 Swift Hall
11:15am Maxim Gilula (Michigan State): An analytic perspective on stability for oscillatory integrals in higher dimensions
11:45am Ryan Berndt (Otterbein): The weighted Fourier inequality, polarity, and reverse Hölder inequality
Parallel Session 4b in 816 Swift Hall
11:15am Chase Russell (Kentucky): Homogenization in perforated domains and interior Lipschitz estimates
11:45am Jinping Zhuge (Kentucky): Periodic homogenization of elliptic equations with oscillating boundary data
Parallel Session 4c in 820 Swift Hall
11:15am Scott Zimmerman (Pittsburgh): Sobolev extensions of Lipschitz mappings into metric spaces
11:45am Gareth Speight (Cincinnati): Porosity and differentiability in Euclidean spaces and Carnot groups
Break for Lunch
Parallel Session 5a in 808 Swift Hall
1:45pm Roza Aceska (Ball State): Scalability generated by iterative actions of operators
2:15pm Vani Cheruvu (Toledo): Wavelet regularized solution of Laplace equation in an arbitrary shaped domain
2:45pm Ramesh Karki (Indiana - East): Optimal reconstruction of initial data in some evolutionary PDEs via finite discrete samplings
Parallel Session 5b in 816 Swift Hall
1:45pm Keaton Hamm (Vanderbilt): Regular families of kernels for nonlinear approximation
2:15pm Darío Mena Arias (Georgia Tech): Sparse operators and the sparse T1 theorem
2:45pm Dong Dong (Illinois): Hilbert transforms in a 3 by 3 matrix
Parallel Session 5c in 820 Swift Hall
1:45pm Eric Stachura (Haverford College): Existence of propagators for Coulomb-like potentials in density functional theory
2:15pm Rajinder Mavi (Michigan State): Anderson localization with degenerate spectrum
2:45pm Luis San Martín Jiménez (UNAM): A connection between two initial Dirichlet-type problems for parabolic equations
3:15pm End of conference

The Ohio River Analysis Meeting is a joint project of the University of Cincinnati Department of Mathematical Sciences and the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics.

It is made possible by additional generous support from the University of Cincinnati, the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center, and the National Science Foundation.