Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computation in the Biosciences


Research in the Department of Mathematical Sciences in Biology is interdisciplinary with ongoing collaborations in Neuroscience, Systems Physiology and Evolutionary Genetics. The related mathematical research is in ordinary and partial differential equations as well as dynamical systems, numerical analysis, perturbation analysis and scientific computation.

Applied Mathematics Seminar:

There is an ongoing Seminar this Spring 2017 with speakers in Mathematical Sciences, Systems Biology as well as out-of-town visitors.


  • Donald A. French works in applied mathematics and numerical analysis.
  • Sookkyung Lim uses scientific computation to study motile behavior of bacteria such as E. Coli as well as circadian clock rhythms.
  • Steve Pelikan works on the spatial structure of small populations, estimating the origins of hybrids and Bioinformatics.
  • Ben Vaughan works on XFEM methods with applications in biofluids.
  • Yanyu Xiao looks at Mathematical epidemiology and ecology, applied dynamical systems.

    Visiting Faculty and PostDocs:

  • Nguyenho Ho works in Mathematical Biology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Numerical Methods.
  • Chris Jones works in scientific computations and climate simulation.
  • Greg Moses works on circadian rhythms.
  • Kamal Barley works on spread of disease and dynamical systems.