Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communications Laboratory

Director: Prof. Altan M. Ferendeci


Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communications Laboratory is located on the 9'th floor of Rhodes Hall and is used for research in the areas of


The laboratory is equipped with various micro-electronic processing equipment and characterization systems. Some of these are RF sputtering systems, electron beam and thermal evaporation systems, lapping and polishing machine, wire-bonding and dicing saw. Characterization and measurement systems include digital and analog oscilloscopes, various spectrometers, optical monochromators. An ultra-high (10-11 Torr) and a moderate (10-6 Torr) vacuum systems, various measuring instrumentation and high power high voltage supplies are also available.

For microwave measurements, computer interfaced HP-8510C Vector Network Analyzer, noise figure meter, probing station, a spectrum analyzer and various other microwave instrumentation are also available. Ansof HFFS, HP-LibraŽ and MICADŽ, microwave design software, an HP transistor test fixture with measurement and calibration software complement the microwave characterization and measurement capabilities.

A new compact range anechoic antenna characterizing facility has been set up to measure the radiation characteristics of antennas especially the patch antennas and active phased array antennas.

A scanning electron microscope (SEM), a Dektak II profilometer, an optical thickness measurement system, a Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system complement the micro-electronic processing and characterization equipment.

APD-204SL closed cycle refrigeration system, {17 W at 77 K (temperature range 10-350 K)} with special provisions for waveguide and coaxial connections is operational for low temperature research purposes.

A dedicated optical bench is set-up for opto-electronic research activity. The bench includes various precision micrometer positioners, infrared laser, a closed circuit television system and other optical component holders.

There are also basic millimeter wave equipment in the laboratory to make measurements at 94 GHz range.


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