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Research Interests

  • Advanced Oxidation Technologies for Water Treatment
  • Fundamentals and Applications of TiO2 Photocatalysis
  • Development of Innovative Photocatalytic Reactors for Water Purification
  • Environmental Nanotechnologies (Applications and Implications)
  • Nanomaterials and Nanostructured Systems (Synthesis, Applications, Implications, Fate, Transport)
  • Drinking Water Treatment and Purification
  • Physicochemical Water Treatment Technologies
  • Membrane Processes for Drinking, Wastewater and Industrial Water Treatment and Purification
  • Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Technologies, and Green Engineering
  • Preparation of Environmentally Benign Materials and Green Chemistry - Benign Processes
  • Environmental Sensors
  • The Use of Ionic Liquids in Novel Environmental Applications
  • Transition-metal Oxidation and Electron Transfer Reactions - Redox Chemistry
  • Physicochemical Phenomena on Particle-Water Interfaces
  • Mercury Speciation and Chemical Interactions in Sediments and Aquatic Systems